Water Supply

Water Supply Branch is providing water to the residents of CBC/DHA from Phase-1 to Phase-8, consisting a more than 65,000 housing units and having 0.36 million population (approximately) through line/bouzers which requires minimum 20 MGD water and also deals like new water connection, replacement of service line, Issuance of NOC of Underground tank, complaint regarding shortage of water supply through line as well as through bouzers. CBC is being provided 5.123 MGD of water on the average by KW&SB against the conservative requirement of over 12 MGD. As per MOU signed in 1999, 9.0 MGD of water was required to be provided to CBC by KW&SB. Due to shortage of water supply, the residents of CBC are constantly facing lot of inconvenience inspite of paying water taxes more than any part of the city.


Shortfall of Water Supply from KW&SB

Water Bouser System

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