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Sanitation Branch

Cantonment Board Clifton

Sanitation Branch

The objective and function is development and application of sanitary measures for the sake of cleanness, protecting health etc as in the provision of clean sewer water and the disposal of waste.

Total Daily Generation of Solid Waste 250-280 Tons
Land fill site Surjani Town
Distance to Land fill site 45 Km
tick Manual sweeping of road and streets.
tick Provision of collection points/receptacles/bin.
tick Transfer of collection/swept wastes to rubbish points.
tick Loading/Transportation of solid waste.
tick Cleaning of main nallahs /drains.
tick Final disposal of solid waste.
tick Anti Malaria Section.
tick Dog Shooting.
tick Life Guard.
tick Fire Station.
tick Grave Yard.
tick M.T Workshop.
tick Fumigation is carried out through Fog Generators throughout the year as per schedule published in newspaper.
tick Oiling in stagnant water.
tick Registration and Control of dog.
tick Pet dog's owners are to get their dogs registered & a metal token from CBC.
tick If any dog is found in public place without such token shall be treated as stray dogs.
tick Dog Shooters are detailed to kill stray dogs.
tick To provide the service protecting / preventing peoples from deep water in Sea.
F: Find The Fire
I : Inform The Fire Brigade
R : Restrict The Fire
E : Extinguish The Fire
HELPLINE :021-35876726 021-35370656
The CBC Fire Brigade is housed in its own 200- square yard building that was completed in September 2000. The fire brigade has always responded to the call of duty with dedication, efficiency and courage and effectively dealt with and controlled a number of fires that broke out in CBC/DHA areas at different times.
As a community service the Fire brigade also provides training with demonstration to school children on fire hazards and how to act in fire emergencies. Children from many famous schools in CBC/DHA areas visit the fire brigade for this purpose.
The Graveyard operates a coffin carrier in DHA and adjoining areas where it is permitted to go and the residents are provided the services of transporting the coffins of the deceased for burial in DHA graveyards. The Coffins carrier remains available at all times with the services of a driver and a cleaner.
To be repair / refurbishment of CBC Vehicles
tick Situated near Punjab Colony (Opposite St-22, Ph II)
tick Spread over an area :- 1940.00 Sq Yards

Waste Management / Conservancy Procedure

The waste management in DHA & Clifton Block-8&9 areas has been outsourced & divided into 05 Sectors.

Sectoral Division Of Conservancy Contract

tick DHA phase I.
tick DHA phase II.
tick DHA Phase II Ext.
tick DHA Phase VII & VII Ext (DHA Limit).
tick DHA Phase IV upto Commercial Avenue.
tick DHA Phase IV Part SW of Commercial Avenue.
tick DHA Phase V Part North of Khyaban-e-Shujaat.
tick Zamzama.
tick DHA Phase VI North of Khyaban-e-Shujaat upto Khy-e-Qasim.
tick KDA Scheme 5 Block 8.
tick KDA Scheme 5 Block 9.
tick DHA Phase V Part South of Khyaban-e-Shujaat.
tick DHA Phase V Ext.
tick DHA Phase VI Part South of Khyaban-e-Shujaat upto Khy-e-Qasim.
tick Seaview Appts Area.
tick Darakshan Villas.
tick CBC Beach ( from Dolmen Mall building to Village Restaurant).
tick CBC Beach (From Dolmen Mall / CBC limits to Village Restaurant)
tick Khy-e-Qasim to Beach Avenue
tick Zulfiqar Street No.1 to Beach Avenue.

Project (Completed):

Project (Ongoing)