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Cantonment Board Clifton


Solid waste management department covers the following spheres :-
Daily door to door collection of garbage and clearance of collection points.
Daily sweeping
Clearance of debris for witch tax has been paid to CBC.
Collection of green waste.
Cleaning of vacant plots.
Clearance of daily complaints
CBC look after DHA with three contractors, Clifton beach with one contractor and kachi abadies with the integral resources of CBC.Compactors, Dumpers, trolleys, auto loaders blades, mechanical sweepers and labors is utilized for efficient cleaning of CBC.
Commercial areas and CBC beach being the busy spots are cleaned both at day at night to provide maximum comfort to the visitors.
An efficient compliment of sanitary / vigilance staff keeps monitoring the entire waste management operation throughout the working hours ensuring efficient delivery of services by the contractor and adherence of residents to the civic code of their responsibilities.
The complain of residents are received in writing, on telephone and on internet etc and cleared on top priority to provide relief to the residents.
In order to generate public awareness regarding sanitation and respect for civic code of joint responsibilities by CBC and residents, following measures are in operation:-
Strips on local cable networks are run from time to time, providing guidelines to the residents to cooperate with the CBC waste management system. The same guidelines have also been advertised through newspaper.
Residents committees are used to exert their influence on the DHA residents to regulate their garbage by training themselves and their servants.
Specially printed leaflets are being distributed to DHA resident to make them aware of their responsibilities pertaining to sanitation.
In order to optimize our sanitation standards, the esteemed residents are urged to work on the principle that “WASTE EITHER STAYS WITHIN THE FOUR WALLS OF A RESIDENCE OR IN THE CBC COLLECTION VEHICLES ONLY”.


Door to door garbage collection.
Removal of garbage / rubbish / debris.
Complete data / description of complainant .
Name, address & phone number of complainant.
RECEIPT OF COMPLAINTS: Through following sources:-
In written from residents.
Sanitation branch , CBC
General Services Branch , DHA
Through Dak marked by CEO, CBC
DISPOSAL: Complaints are disposed off within hours on same day or maximum in one or two days depending upon nature of complain.
Dear Residents,
We request you to avoid following illegal activities. Your cooperation will make a great difference improving sanitary conditions and environment in your surroundings :-
Hand over domestic waste to the daily visiting CBC compactors, instead of throwing in the open or in front of some other residence, office or work place etc.
Don’t spoil area/restrict streets/roads by strewing around construction debris/martial
Don’t harm clean lines/environment by throwing away flower pots. Pieces of wood. packing material, old blankets,rags,carpets and furniture etc in the open
Don’t create slush-damage roads, street etc and create difficulties for public by allowing spillage of water from your residence/store/shop etc.
Do not cleanliness/environment/public convenience by dumping junk vehicles etc at unauthorized places-open plots
Do not dirty the area by strewing around branches of trees, plants, tree trunks, garden earth, grass and fertilizers etc.
Avoid dirtying the area/creating unhygienic conditions by throwing away cooked/uncooked food, oils, bones, peals of fruits /vegetables, tissue papers, empty food boxes etc, in front of hotels.
Do not encroach area/create public inconvenience by placing shop/store/workshop/hotel material in open spaces.
Do not dirty the area /harm environment by throwing waste of meat /fish/chicken etc in open space.
Do not harm cleanliness/environment by strewing rotten vegetables, fruit, peals and empty crates etc, in open areas.
Do not harm cleanliness/environment by throwing canine waste in the open.
Do not encroach/restrict/obstruct road sides/open spaces causing inconvenience to public and public transport by erecting tents, temporary/shanty accommodation.
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