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Water Bouzer Supply Notice

Cantonment Board, Clifton has adopted the following e-mechanism for the sake of public convenience for supply of authorized Water Tankers:

  1. The existing system of generation and issuance of conventional coupons is being discontinued w.e.f 01-05-2016.
  2. Onwards, e-tickets will be available at the CBC website i.e. to take effect from third week of April, 2016. For guidelines see Annex-A.
  3. Due acknowledgement & confirmation is also now available through SMS & email Services, for which authorized cell number & emails are requested to be
    provided to CBC
  4. You are, therefore, requested to generate the requisite e-tickets though above given online mechanism and no coupons shall be provided by CBC after 01-05-2016.
  5. Moreover, water tankers shall not be delivered to the residents on account of the following deficiencies or occurrences:-
  6. In case of non-availability of e-tickets, at the time of delivery of
    water tanker. In that case, the allotted tankers shall be considered as cancelled.
  7. The e-tickets shall not guarantee the delivery of water, as the supply of potable water may vary due to various factors beyond the control of the CBC and water tankers shall only be delivered to you subject to availability of water by KWSB in the system.
  8. Your prompt cooperation on the subject is solicited for your own convenience.


Cantonment Board Clifton

For Assistance Contact, 021-35847831-2,

021-35348774-5, 35850403, 35348784

Water Supply Ext. 227 & IT Ext. 225






  • Resident shall visit CBC web site using their web browsers and open
  • On the main page menu section, a link “User Portal” is present. Clicking on this link a new tab or windows shall open for the user portal login/register screen
  • If the resident is already registered and has valid credentials for login, he can proceed with login screen otherwise clicking on “Register” button will bring a form.
  • The form contains information required for activation of user account for login on this portal. A valid Email Address and SMS is required. The password will be sent in SMS after submitting this form.
  • User can successfully login on user portal using their Account ID (DGLR ID) which can be located on their monthly e-tickets or on the tax bills. The registration form provides instructions on how to find this information.image


  • 29 Apr, 2016
  • admin

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I want to download coupon for water bowser.
Registration required please
111/11 rooml phase vlll dha
Hafeez ud Deen
I am a resident of 10-B, 2nd. Central Lane Phase-2, DHA Karachi 75500 I feel that your on-line mechanism is not user friendly. The Registration Form is not available on the website, by clicking the REGISTER button. Hafeez ud Deen Mobile No. 0333 214 1857
Afzal Ghani
I registered with you using your portal and was assigned a password. But every time I log in I am told the password or email is incorrect whilst that is not the case. Who do I see in the CBC office who can correct this so I can collect my e-tickets for water tankers. Regards
    Kindly use provided password in CAPS letters as provided in message / email
Ameen Sadiq
Assalamualaikum, Address: 2/2 main kh-e-bahria ph-5 dear sir how can we register there is no page for registering kindly guide me Jazak Allah
Syed Junaid Ahmed
Despite successful registration, the password sent does not allow logging in. Have reset the password as well but it says invalid password. Either the system is down or there is some other issue. Please look into it. thanks, Junaid
    Kindly use provided password in CAPS letters as provided in message / email
Brig.Abdul Waheed
This is# Brig.Abdul Waheed #just gave filled the required info for the water tankers supply coupons.pkz aebd us the coupons as we need water by today... which is Name: Brig.Abdul Waheed Email: regards ...
Despite entering provided password in CAPS, system is not recognising provided username or password. Please rectify error as no alternative system is in place
    Kindly share your login/registration details along with contact details at to investigate the issue.
Faisal Jahangir
I want to down load Water Bouser Coupons And how to find DGLR I D
i follow the procedure as mentioned above but the filled form appears with some other address and owner name with my cell no. and e-mail, i then send the complaint no action has been taken since then what should i do
shoaib ahmed
there isn't any coupon of water tanker on your web site where can i download the coupon
Mohammad Nadeem
This new system is another attempt to cut down the already meagre water facility. The number of coupons available on website doesn't cover all weeks of a month. Every month which has 5 tanker days has been reduced to 4 taner days, thereby compelling residents to live one whole week without water supply. In my case, month of May has 5 delivery dates, but the website is giving only 3 tokens starting from 11th of May. Where is 2nd May?
dear sir you system is not accepting your own pass word silly it sounds but fact is. please make a system which is user friendly half of dha residents are not computer literate or senior citizens.
Sajida Syed
In spite of my repeated efforts to register, I have not succeeded so far. When I log in my GDLR number, it tells me that I am registered already, but I am not. The system does not accept my password, although I copy it exactly the way it is sent as an sms. Is this some kind of a trick to keep us from getting our tankers from CBC.? Sajida Syed 59/2 , Kh, Behria Ph. 5 DHA Karachi
Mohammad Nadeem
the new system is seems another attempt to deprive residents of DHA of their fair share of water. the coupons available on web portal are not enough to cover all due weekdays of the month. like in my case, my due day is Tuesday of a week, but surprisingly for every month with 5 tuesdays, the web portal is giving only 4 coupons, effectively depriving me of one whole week of water supply. Please intimate whether it is a willful new policy or just a system error? for the month of May, my page only shows 3 coupons, 10th, 16th and 25th May. Can anybody explain what is the logic behind all this? M. Nadeem
Wasima Yousufi
Where is Annex A?
Wasima Yousufi
I have successfully registered. How do I print the coupons??
Sajida Syed
I lost one tanker today because of your faulty website. I never registered before and it tells that I have. When I enter the password that is sent to me via email and SMS, it tells me it is wrong. I never registered, so I do not know what user ID I should use. The website only provides a password, and then it rejects even that. HELP!!!!!!!
I am now registered on the CBC website. Now where do I download the e-tickets for water bowser?
N. Pervaiz
I have registered on line and received the password from CBC. Now how do i get the eticket for Water Tankers.
naveed aslam
i need email every month water coupin
Dr. Saad H Bashir
Thank you for introducing the new E ticket for water tanker. So far the system is fine I have encounter no issues, the only issue I encounter is the availability of water Tanker which I know has been mentioned in the above message depends on external factors beyond your control, Kindly make that more efficient and bring it in your control like many other things that you handle for e.g DHA Tax collection .
Abdul Ghani jokhio
I really appreciate e-services by CBC which not only transparent but convenient to residents saving time and cost otherwise incurred. I have one suggestion about growing number of beggars in CBC area which needs immediate attention. mostly of them are professionals and criminals, some time I noticed strangers like Afghanis etc. which is threat to peace and security of CBC residents.
Abdul Ghani jokhio
I lodged complaint on 4.6.2016 with the name of my spouse Mrs. Naila Ghani for renewal of water bouzer and water supply which yet not renewed kindly let me when it will be done since we facing acute shortage of water.
Syed Junaid Ahmed
How can we get water bowser coupons beyond August 1, 2016. The system hasn't been updated with the new coupons and that's causing a lot of stress. Please expedite.

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